The world is currently experiencing a “great paradigm shift” with the advancement of innovative technologies. It has been predicted that in the next 50 years, we will see major disruptions in the tech industry, much more than we have seen in the last 400 years.

More activity is being conducted in the commercial, social, political and cultural scene. However, more engagement with technology is needed in developing countries and furthermore, we need to see more contribution from women.

Studies show that women in developing countries continue to face challenges that are hindering their access to Information and communications technologies (ICTs). According to a study that was conducted by Intel in 2017, nearly 25% fewer women than men had access to the internet, and this gap increased to 45% in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, when compared to developing countries such as France and the United States, the studies showed that internet access and usage by women exceeded that of men.

Additionally, many women in developing countries are unaware of the full potential of ICTs and the benefits that could be achieved by using the internet and other technologies.

We know that it is difficult to tackle all these challenges at once, however, there’s a benefit in providing opportunities for women in developing countries.

So how exactly can we do this? 

It may be difficult to provide access to every single woman and girl in the world, today.  Nonetheless, we can empower women entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating solutions for their countries. Once empowered, these women will uplift other women and girls and beyond that uplift their communities. Let us show women around the world the benefits that can be achieved online!

So, how can we achieve this? 

More than just raising awareness of the challenges faced by women, HerRiseUp has created a platform that empowers women entrepreneurs and innovators in developing countries. This platform hopes to connect women entrepreneurs and innovators in developing countries to like-minded individuals, investors, mentors, private and government organisations.

If women are empowered, they’ll be able to gain independence and overcome the barriers that limit them from rising up to their full potential.

How can you help?

We need the support of everyone around the world (entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, government and private organisations). By joining HerRiseUp, you’ll become part of an ecosystem that empowers women and fosters innovation.

Through our blog 

Entrepreneurs have a chance of sharing their stories.

Mentors have a chance of sharing tips and educational material.


We encourage you to contribute directly to HerRiseUp


Directly to a project (these will be added as they become available and investors will have a chance to contribute via a crowdfunding model or equity).


Are you an organisation empowering women? A private or government organisations or not for profit organisations ?


Does HerRiseUp align with your values? Please contact us, and Let’s partner together!

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