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We are HerRiseUp a social enterprise, empowering women entrepreneurs and innovators in developing countries. We have a passion for education, technology, women-led businesses and women empowerment. We hope that this platform will provide opportunities for women and allow them to rise up to their full potential.

How did all this start?

In 2017, we created the enterprise as a result of our MBA studies. We were conducting a research project to try and understand the needs of women entrepreneurs and innovators in developing countries. This research revealed that women in developing countries are significantly marginalised because of multiple hindering factors, with the top three being gender related discrimination, societal norms and lack of skill support and training.

This research also revealed to us that there was a gap in the market; and that by bringing 600 million women and girls online, we have a potential of opening up a market opportunity of $50 to $70 billion in new sales, and generating $13 to $18 billion across 144 developing countries. Furthermore, we discovered that women entrepreneurs and innovators are not getting the full potential of opportunities that is available to them.

For women who come from developing countries (Kenya and Uganda), we knew that we had to do something that would create an impact around the world and make a difference in the lives of women and girls in developing countries. Furthermore we want to see women stepping out and making it happen!

We understand that for women entrepreneurs and innovators their greatest needs include capital, education, government and skill support. The entrepreneurial ecosystem needs to be remodelled to provide a better platform for entrepreneurs to engage with investors, government and private organisations, and we hope that HerRiseUp is the solution.

We also believe that the HerRiseUp platform will enable women entrepreneurs and innovators to gain access to funds, mentorship, education, skill support, and other resources, which will allow them to rise up to their full potential.

How can you help?

We need the support of everyone around the world (entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, government and private organisations). By joining HerRiseUp, you’ll become part of an ecosystem that empowers women and fosters innovation.

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We encourage you to contribute directly to HerRiseUp


Directly to a project (these will be added as they become available and investors will have a chance to contribute via a crowdfunding model or equity).


Are you an organisation empowering women? A private or government organisations or not for profit organisations ?


Does HerRiseUp align with your values? Please contact us, and Let’s partner together!

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